Catholic Allies in Truth                       

"                       "Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it...."    Pope St. Felix III  (483 to 492)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Vs#2

"Truth enlightens man's intelligence and shapes his freedom, leading him to know and love the Lord."   (Pope St. John Paul II, Veritatis splendor)


    I saw water flowing out from beneath the threshold of the temple.... Ezekiiel 47:1                                                                

Who We Are: 

Catholic Allies in Truth consists of chapters, individual at-large members and "like-minded friends and allies".  We work on local and diocesan issues and collaborate when beneficial.  We share the same mission.  In short, our aim is to: "Defend the Faith by promoting the Truth."  


'Catholic Allies in Truth' strives to defend the authentic orthodox Catholic Faith against distortions and deceptions of secular, anti-Christian, and politically motivated forces from both outside and within the Church. We prayerfully do this by promoting truth.

 (This is a means to serve the Spiritual Works of Mercy.)

 Former/ Original Mission Statement: 

'Catholic Allies in Truth' serves the well-being and dignity of the human person, the family and the common good and works to defend the Faith by promoting Truth as learned through the Vicar of Christ, the Magisterium, Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition.

We support our nation's Judeo-Christian founding with its basis in truth and freedom and its reliance upon Divine Providence

Working at the local and parish level and also creating networks for larger projects, we aim to counter distortions and errors of destructive forces which are set against the truths of both Church and nation.

Who We Are:

As ‘Catholic Allies in Truth’ we stand against --

· the decline of morality

· expansion of secularism

· moral relativism in the culture

· distortions in the teaching and practice of social justice

· neglect of the principle of subsidiarity*

. doctrinal dissension within the church

· the destructive inroads of collectivist philosophies leading to loss of personal responsibility and freedom

a growing reliance upon government

· widespread turning away from God

Our hope is that the Light of Truth will shine on the darkness of sin, ignorance, evil and deception.  In all things, we give thanks to the Lord and ask for Divine guidance.

* The principle of subsidiarity is defined and explained on the 'Notes & Quotes' page.


Our Aims --

Our aim is to promote the truth and to encourage our fellow Catholics to stand up and defend the faith in the public square, at the polls, and wherever the authentic Catholic Faith is challenged.

We strive to keep ourselves informed and prayerful regarding the critical issues facing the Church and our country.


Some Concerns --

An increasingly materialist society that too often trusts in government rather than God.

People willing to exchange their freedoms for the false security of collectivism.

Corruption of the concept of "social justice" for political ends.

Catholics who advocate and vote for anti-Catholic policies and politicians.


Introduction to 'Catholic Allies in Truth':

Although Catholic Allies in Truth is a parish level group our aim is to promote establishment of a group of 'Allies' in each local area until we create a network that can work both locally in our own parishes and communities but also share ideas and projects as a larger group when beneficial. We currently have chapters in Cheyenne, WY; Denver and Aurora, CO; and an at-large member in Los Angeles, CA working to form a chapter. 

In spite of the broad and determined description of 'who we are' and of what concerns us, our efforts are rooted in the theme of 'Defending the Faith by promoting Truth.' As our mission states,  we aim to "defend the authentic orthodox Catholic Faith against distortions and deceptions of secular, anti-Christian, and politically motivated forces from both outside and within the Church."  Although concerned with the larger culture, society and nation, we focus primarily on the Church.  We look for opportunities to share the truths we have learned through authentic Catholic sources -- the Vicar of Christ and Magisterium, Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition.

This mission is our way of shining light on and giving voice to truth which is too often ignored and distorted. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, prior to becoming Pope Benedict XVI, once wrote: "Freedom without truth is no freedom at all."  He also warned "Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much.  Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine, but demonic."  (Truth and Tolerance. pg. 116)  

 If you or someone you know, whether locally or elsewhere, would consider gathering a small group of like-minded Catholics together for similar purposes, please share this material with them.  We would love to talk with anyone who wants to learn more and, if interested, to help them get started.  Please leave a message on our 'Contact Us' page.